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The Firm

BASSO Engineering, Inc. is an engineering firm that provides professional structural and civil engineering services for residential, commercial, and multi-family projects. We work with the owner and architect on a one-to-one basis to tailor the analysis and design in order to meet the specific needs of the project. Such project needs can be the architectural flexibility, seismic performance, and construction duration and cost.

Eco Friendly

Since the firm was founded, we have been using recycled materials and technology to lower our environmental impact. Below are some of our environmental practices.


Recycled Materials

We use 100% recycled paper and print on both sides in order to reduce our impact on the environment!

Renewable Energy

Our web server is powered by 100% wind generated energy to reduce our carbon footprint.

Digital Docs

Instead of printing files, we use pdf's that can be easily accessible on computers, smart phones, and tablets.